«Вы настоящие профессионалы! После нашего сотрудничества у меня остались отличные впечатления. Лучше и быть не может».

Катя Иванова

APASS Ltd. registered in Hong Kong, PRC.

The company is an aviation equipment supplier of Russian-made civil helicopters and services, which related to their operation.


The main activities of the company are:

 - sale of spare parts, control and testing equipment and additional equipment;

-  performance of temporary repair and maintenance check;

-  overhaul at aircraft repair enterprises;

-  providing the rental assemblies and aggregates;

-  consultations on exploitation;

-  the organization of training for technical and flight personnel at training centers and on the customer’s bases.


The company has extensive connections with the largest manufacturers and sellers of helicopters and aircraft equipments in the Russian Federation.

The company has established business and accommodation relationship with Chinese partners; it has completed a number of projects and earned a good reputation in PRC.

As information support for its activities, the company organizes roundtable discussion, meetings with operators and helicopter equipment’s manufacturers. The company has experience in organization of flight and technical personnel training in training centers, which situated on the Russian Federation.

The company seeks to make the operation of Russian-made helicopters accessible, simple and what is the most important – safe in China.